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Best HR and Statutory Audit Services in Bangalore

An audit is an examination of records held by companies and this involves the analysis of various Human resources, Payroll, Taxation, and statutory records. The purpose of an HR statutory audit is often to determine if companies are obeying government rules and regulations, paying statutory payments and filing returns in time, employee joining and exit formalities. Our HR & statutory audit service department is geared to conduct audit under any applicable statute along with complying with various international standards to ensure usability of audited accounts for most of the interested parties like financial institutions, shareholders, directors, investors, government, bank and the general public at large. HR and Statutory Audit Services key points: Payroll: A payroll audit service is an analysis of a company's payroll processes to ensure accuracy. Payroll audits examine things like the business's active staff, pay rates, wages, and tax with holdings. You should conduct